Update On Linda McMahon’s Senate Run – Is She Winning?


Politico.com has confirmed that Linda McMahon has widened her lead over top Republican candidate Chris Shays to 29 points. This is according to the new Quinnipiac University poll. McMahon leads 59 to 30 percent, a jump from 51 to 42 percent in the previous poll conducted in March. The Republican primary election will take place in August. It should be noted that McMahon still trails top Democratic opponent Chris Murphy in a hypothetical general election poll; Murphy leads 46 to 43 percent.

According to a JournalInquirer.com, Quinnipiac University reported in a new poll on the U.S. Senate race in Connecticut that 10 percent of respondents label WWE’s product as “pornographic.”

The Journal Inquirer s currently engaged in a back-and-forth battle with WWE and former CEO Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign following an editorial labeling the source of McMahon’s wealth (WWE) as pornographic.

Other poll results show 56 percent disagreeing that the product is pornographic, 33 percent having no opinion, and 2 percent saying they don’t know.

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