Update On NXT UK Talent Following Worlds Collide Show


We have an update on the UK talent that haven’t been seen since the Worlds Collide premium live event back in September 2022.

In the build to Worlds Collide, many NXT UK stars appeared on NXT. Tyler Bate, Meiko Satomura, Gallus, Blair Davenport, and Pretty Deadly all showed up to pick a fight with their NXT counterparts. Of that group, only Pretty Deadly have stuck around.


So where have all the NXT UK stars gone? According to a recent report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they’re dealing with visa issues. No timetable is known for their return. The talent could be back once their visa issues are finalized. It’s also possible that their returns are held off until the launch of NXT Europe.

Doudrop, who is also from the UK, is said to be out with a legitimate illness and is not dealing with the same visa issues as other UK talent.

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