Update On Sexual Allegations Against Joey Ryan, Comments By Close Friends


We have some new information regarding Joey Ryan’s sexual allegations reported against the former Impact Wrestling star. You can check out our original report at the link below.

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The Wrestling Observer reported that his closest friends had no idea about Ryan’s actions. Some of whom were said to be in “deep depression and soul-searching”, trying to cope and process the startling news.

According to the WON, not everyone was so shocked though. One Independent Promoter claimed that he had heard about these allegations prior and due to this, he absolutely refused to book Joey Ryan at any of his show. However, another promoter said that Ryan was a modeled employee, was professional and he never heard of any wrong doing caused by Ryan outside the ring until now.

A close friend of Joey Ryan told WON the following: “To say this was shocking was an understatement. I’ve known him 20 years and have never seen this side. It feels like when the news interviews a murderer’s family and they say they had no idea.”

With that being said, many believe that Joey Ryan’s wrestling career is over as he’s been accused of 15+ allegations. He has since deleted his Twitter account, shut down his Bar Wrestling promotion, and has been fired from Impact Wrestling.

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