Update On The Arena Staff At WrestleMania 28 + More


Credit: Ric Wyatt and prowrestling.net

We got in right when the doors opened and when we got to our seats we were shocked that the view of the ring was completely blocked by one of the big four palm trees they had set up to hold up the big screens and the cage. We were in section 121 right in the corner so we could have a great view of the video screen and the ring, but this was not what we got (see the first picture below).

So everyone in my section was upset and we noticed a guy who worked at the Stadium talking to some upset fans so I walked over and asked him why our tickets didn’t say limited view, as we clearly could not watch the ring and would have to watch the show on the screen instead.

He was very nice and said that it was a change in the rig that was made after tickets went on sale. He sent me to the concierge station on the second level. Once I got there, the gentleman explained that the staff had all been prepared and trained on what to do if people were complaining about the views, and he made good on that by upgrading our seats to just to the left of the main camera. The view from there was outstanding!

Once we got to that section we started talking to others and sure enough every person there was upgraded. It started out pretty empty but by Rock vs. John Cena it was full.

Overall, the staff at the arena took what could have been a real disappointing experience and turned into a great one. My only concern is what about all the others who did not realize or attempt to speak to anyone about the views. I’m sure some people left very unhappy.

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