Update On The Daniel Bryan Burglar Suspect ‘Snitching’ On His Friends Leading To More Arrests


Frank reported earlier that Mercedsunstar.com says there have been four more arrests related to the attempted burglary of Daniel Bryan and Brie
Bella’s home. Frank noted that authorities arrested Alexander Olvera, Edwards Alexander Johnson,
and Gilberto Gil Gastelum while they were burglarizing a home on Wednesday.
Authorities believe Olvera was the get-away driver during the July 24th the
burglary of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s home.

The three have been booked on charges
including burglary and participating in a criminal syndicate. Police also
recovered a handgun and a stun gun from the vehicle.

Investigators say they used information
from a suspect subdued by Daniel Bryan, whose real name is Bryan Danielson.
Basically, the guy Daniel Bryan caught “snitched” and “ratted out” his friends
to likely get a lighter sentance.

As he arrived home from his Comic-Con appearance, Daniel Bryan
chased down one of the buglers and held him in a choke hold until the
authorities arrived to arrest him. it was reported at the time another man got

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