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NewsUpdate On The Future Of Dark Side Of The Ring, WOW -...

Update On The Future Of Dark Side Of The Ring, WOW – Women Of Wrestling Lineup



With Vice TV’s Tales From The Territories set to arrive shortly, there has been a lot of talk regarding the future of Dark Side of the Ring.

For fans of DSOTW – fear not!

Co-creator Evan Husney was a recent guest on the “Talk is Jericho” podcast to discuss the future of both shows, which he says will continue airing on Vice TV. He said,

“Oh yeah, definitely. It’s really interesting because when we decided to do Tales From The Territories, like I said, it was in the making since 2019. We finally got the opportunity to do it, and obviously when Vice picked it up it was like, okay, this is gonna occupy that space after season three to really focus on this, to produce it, to get it off the ground, kind of establish what it is, so it can kind of live on its own eventually. We had no intention of stopping doing Dark Side.

“It’s in talks right now. Everyone’s gonna hear something real soon. We’re just kind of getting that machine going real soon. So, stay tuned, but yeah, definitely not going anywhere for sure. It’s definitely here to stay.”

WOW – Women of Wrestling will be airing its third episode this weekend. You can check out the updated lineup and a trailer for the show below:

* Siren the Voodoo Doll & Chainsaw vs. The Bully Busters
* Penelope Pink with Lana Starr vs. Vivan Rivera
* Gigi Funna vs. Commander Sahara Spars

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