Update On The Iron Sheiks Twitter & Facebook Accounts


The following was sent out earlier today on behalf of The Iron Sheik from Tanya Vaziri, The Iron Sheik’s daughter, his business managers The Magen Boys, Jian and Page Magen, and his legal advisor Jake Neiman:

The Iron Sheik’s Twitter account, twitter.com/the_ironsheik and Facebook account, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509802389#!/pages/Iron-Sheik/265209320184731 , are, for the final time, completely verified by The Iron Sheik himself and both his business managers, The Magen Boys, and myself, his daughter, Tanya Vaziri. My dad, The Iron Sheik has been recovering from a serious ankle injury and, while recovering, has spent time using these outlets to express his views on the world to entertain his close to 100,000 Twitter followers. Due to his outbursts and popularity on Twitter Iron Sheik was asked to sit on a panel at a recent Twitter conference in Los Angeles. Here is a video of him at the Twitter conference: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Iron-Sheik/265209320184731#!/photo.php?v=393986500618466&set=vb.265209320184731&type=2&theater . We are so proud of all of his never-ending achievements. He continuously brings smiles to the faces of his fans.

Unfortunately a video has surfaced by promoters telling my dad to say that he does not have these accounts. My dad, as his fans can attest, sometimes says things that he doesn’t understand and is too honest and naïve to know that he was being tricked into saying this. The only logical reason that makes sense for these promoters to do is for their own purposes because they have a bullshit website “representing” him that they try to run for their own benefit. They have, on countless occasions, gone against his management and family to try to sabotage Iron Sheik’s social media for reasons that are too carny for me to understand. They have countless video’s for sale on their site which we have NEVER seen a cent for yet they go out of their way to promote false claims.

His Twitter is in fact very real (and verified). The conference video should end him not having an account.

A recent great article by Forbes Magazine came out, http://www.forbes.com/sites/edzitron/2012/02/23/sheik/ that these promoters are claiming to be fake as well. How can a publication like Forbes Magazine do a fake interview?? Any information pertaining his career are to only be taken seriously by myself, The WWE, The Magen Boys and Eric Sims.

The Iron Sheik is working on a comeback. Look out for his return to WWE programming, a feature documentary and a family member getting signed to FCW. We are very excited about his future!! These promoters wouldn’t know these things because they are not involved in his affairs. They claim to care for The Sheik’s well being yet they continue try to get in the way of his business. As his management we ask you to please disregard their disruptions and please continue to support The Iron Sheik, the greatest middle eastern wrestler of all time and most famous Iranian American entertainer. He loves his fans and only wants to stay relevant and make people humble!

Thank you.

Iron Sheik’s Management: Tanya Vaziri (daughter and business manager) and Magen Boys Entertainment

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