Update On The Lawsuit Against The Big Show & WWE


Source: Pwinsider.com

WWE has reportedly petitioned for the lawsuit brought against the company and The Big Show by former Digital Content Producer Andrew Green to be removed from Arizona Stage Court and moved to a federal court. On May 9, the attorney for WWE argued that since the lawsuit revolves around a video posted on the internet on WWE.com, it falls under federal law.

Green claims that another producer told him to get an interview with Show at the 1/27 WWE TV taping at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Green says that Show (Paul Wight) initially refused to do the interview until Green told him that then-WWE Senior Vice President Eric Pankowski wanted it done. In his complaint he says, “In response, Big Show stated with the use of profanely indecent language that if Green wanted an interview then he would give him one, and to turn on the camera.” It also says that Big Show became angry and cursed at Green which was caught on tape for the interview. He also says that Show asked him to redo it, which he did. Triple H is said to have ordered another take on the interview because the second one lacked emotion, according to Green. Green claims that the incident made him afraid to keep working for the company.

Green also says the WWE has not paid him for his involvement in the video, which the company shot down by filing a copy of the release Green signed when he worked there, showing that he gave up intellectual rights to anything he helped create and/or was involved in – WWE would maintain those rights.

The case has not yet been assigned to a judge for a federal case.

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