Update On The Staus Of WWE Main Event


Regarding the status of WWE Main Event, the show being pre-empted isn’t just a one-week deal.

Sources indicate that the series will cease airing from the WWE Network until contractual issues have been resolved.

Sky Sports in Great Britain has the exclusive rights for the series in that market and with the Network launching in Great Britain as well in Ireland WWE was forced to pull the series from its schedule.

Sources also indicate that the company is working on having it’s programming geo-blocked but that won’t be available until possibly late summer or early fall. Once they are able to geo-block, the series will return to WWE Network and be blocked in the markets where there is a contractual issue.

WWE Main Event does however stream on Hulu Plus, so it’s possible that the WWE Universe in the United States and other markets will be able to continue watching the series via that streaming service. The January 13th, 2015 episode is available on Hulu Plus.

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