Update On The TNA Vs. Billy Corgan Fiasco


PWInsider said that the lawsuit from Billy Corgan against TNA is active in the Chancery Court of Nashville, though Corgan announced weeks ago he and TNA came to an agreement. The agreement was made in principal, but it has yet to be signed on paper. It is believed that the final paperwork is done and everything will be done either this week or at latest early next week.

Moreover, several lawyers for Anthem Media have been seen at TNA offices over the past several weeks. It’s said that after the Corgan situation is finished, Anthem will announce it bought majority ownership in Impact Ventures. It is not known what internal changes will be made from a creative and staffing standpoint.

The original plan was for Anthem to own 85% of the company, Aeroluxe 10%, and Dixie Carter 5%. This means that Carter would benefit if the company gained steam, but she would, more or less, have no power behind-the-scenes. If that happens, Aeroluxe’s Jason Brown could be named the CEO of Impact Ventures, though the previous announcement seemed to suggest that Anthem’s Ed Nordholm would be in charge.

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