Update On The WWE Network, New WWE ’13 Promotion


— According to broadcasting news website RBR.com, WWE has “done its homework” in terms of market research for the WWE Network and says that there is a potential of 57 million viewers who could find the WWE Network to be of interest. Of that number, 20% is the company’s core fanbase that regularly watch WWE programming, 40% are casual fans who will “watch on occasion, but are not heavily invested in the programming” and another 40% are “what WWE thinks of as lapsed fans – they used to watch some wrestling but have not done so for a period of time, and perhaps could be coaxed back.”

— Gaming website Kotaku covered indy wrestler Starman, whose gimmick is based on the NES Pro Wrestling game character, getting kicked out of Monday’s RAW. You can see that here.

— THQ has announced the launch of their new WWE ’13 promotion. titled “Live the Revolution.”. The promotion is being done through a Facebook app that allows fans to create and print their own WWE ’13 cover artwork and share the designs on Facebook with others from around the world. The process entails the following steps:

1: Import a photo from a personal Facebook gallery or take an instant photo using a webcam.

2: Position the photo in the provided frame, which includes the WWE ’13 logo.

3: Edit the image as desired using eraser and brush tools.

4: Select a platform preference – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system or Wii

5: Choose how to show off the created cover artwork:

* Share the image with friends on Facebook

* Create a unique Facebook timeline cover photo and profile photo

* Save and print the image file – then insert into a WWE ’13 game cover for a whole new look

The game releases on October 30th in the US for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

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