Update On TNA British Boot Camp Reality Show, More


— The TNA reality series British Boot Camp is set to premiere on Challenge TV in the UK on January 1 at 10PM local time. As of now, it does not appear the show will be broadcast in North America.

Hannibal Pro Wrestling passed this along.

Former Pro Wrestler and National Champion Amateur Wrestler Devon Nicholson took his first Interferon shot for his Hep C treatment October 15th under nurse’s guidance at the Ottawa Civic Hospital.

In this week’s video (shot Oct. 22nd) Nicholson self-injects the first of the remaining 23 Interferon injections required for his experimental Hep C genotype 2 Incivek “triple therapy”. Weekly Interferon injections are part of the 3 drugs being used in Nicholson’s Hep C treatment. The powerful drug regime also includes taking daily oral medication. 6 oral Incivek tabs (2 250 mg/day) and 7 Ribavirin tabs (1400 mg/day).

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