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Update On Two Upcoming WWE Lawsuits


Two new reports from PWInsider have offered further updates on two of WWE’s upcoming court cases.

As reported here on eWn, tattoo artist Catherine Alexander has filed a lawsuit against both WWE and 2K Games over their use of tattoos she did on Randy Orton in the WWE games. She originally voiced her complaints to the company back in 2009, she was then offered a small sum from WWE which she rejected. According to the report from PWInsider, the pre-trial hearing is set for September 1st. The actual trial has also been scheduled and will begin on September 20th.

In June of this year, a second lawsuit was filed against WWE with regards to a 2019 traffic incident. Jackson Parsons the man who filed the lawsuit, has demanded a settlement of $1.064 million from the company. This was after he alleged that the incident had led to him losing “the capacity to lead and enjoy normal life.”

In the case management report it’s noted that both sides must handle their trial disclosures by September 10th of this year. Discovery will then need to be finalized by April of 2022, with a potential trial date in February of 2023.

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