Update on Velveteen Dream, Warrant Issued Over A Year Ago – Details


UPDATE: Fightful reports that Velveteen Dream had a warrant out for busting the window of a car about a year ago.The charge was issued for criminal mischief after a man named Edgar Martinez reported the window of his 2015 Infiniti QX70 smashed after returning to it where it was marked on North Magnolia Avenue in Orlando. The incident, which was caught on video, showed a man in a pink shirt and dark colored pants walk up, “smashing the window”, and then driving off in a Ford Mustang. The damage was around roughly $1800.

The incident was reported on November 30th, 2019 after the man told an officer on December 18th that he saw the same man (believed to be Dream) in the same car in the parking garage. The suspect was identified on December 29th as Dream (real name Patrick Clark). The Ford Mustang’s license plate was also registered to Clark. The bail was set for $1,000, but the warrant was voided after the following statement was issued from the State of Florida.

COMES NOW the State of Florida, by and through the undersigned Assistant State Attorney and states that:

1. From the investigation which has been made, it is the opinion of the writer that this case is not suitable for prosecution.

2. This action is taken to clear the records and to release subject’s bond if any has been posted responsive to the above charge(s). If in custody, defendant should be released PROVIDED THERE ARE NO OTHER CHARGES OR HOLDS AGAINST HIM

The arrest warrant was never served and no further action was taken. Dream claimed that his phone was hacked amid accusations of having inappropriate conduct with minors.

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ORIGINAL: Several reports surfaced earlier today that Velveteen Dream sent someone under the age of 18 explicit photos. A Reddit user claimed to have responded to Dream saying that his Instagram DMs were open. Dream then reportedly sent an explicit photo to that person. Some audio has surfaced online that features a voice that sounds just like Dream asking “what school do you go to?”. With that being said, there is no confirmation that it’s his voice on the tape.

Audio of Velveteen Dream interacting with minors over DMs appears online from SquaredCircle

Dream took to Twitter today, denying the claims. He said,

“Be assured I did not communicate inappropriately with anyone. A private photo of mine was shared without my consent or knowledge and I am working with a third party to look into this matter.”

The person says they have more proof and will be going to local police shortly.

Story developing ….

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