Update on WWE’s Mindset Toward Lars Sullivan’s Racist Past


Shortly after the first vignette for Sullivan’s main roster debut aired, controversial, racially insensitive remarks that Sullivan made on the internet in the past surfaced.

For those unaware of the type of remarks that were being made, here is one example of a quote being linked to him:

“Some blacks want to take advantage of their great grandparent’s misfortunes, and they want a piece of the pity pie. Instead of taking some personal responsibility, they choose to attack the white man and say we must take care of them financially.”

There’s other examples of this behavior at the following link. The above quote may need some context to be understood, which you can find in this Comprehensive list of links & screenshots regarding Lars Sullivan (compiled by /u/farcevacant)

Understandably, this is causing quite the outrage online as there are many who feel WWE shouldn’t even employ Sullivan after these remarks have come to light, let alone pushing him so strongly:

WrestleVotes on Twitter shared the following update saying that WWE is aware of it but are hoping that all of this controversy dies down:

Do you think this will have an impact on the trajectory of Sullivan’s career? Sound off in the comments below

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