Monday, July 22, 2024
NewsUpdate - Retired Wrestler Jerry Lynn Set To Undergo Major Neck Surgery...

Update – Retired Wrestler Jerry Lynn Set To Undergo Major Neck Surgery This Week



Jerry Lynn will have major neck surgery on Thursday morning. He will replace three degenerating discs in his neck, fuse his vertebrae and remove bone spurs up and down his neck. This will be the first of multiple surgeries, as he will also repair a bulging disc in his back when he’s recovered from neck surgery.

He has had severe neck pain for years, along with pain and numbness in his right arm. This led to his retirement in March 2013. He has been doing exercises every day to battle the neck problems but they kept getting worse. He’s also had pain in his back. He hoped to put off surgery but learned two weeks ago he had no other option.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Lynn and his family with the medical costs, since he will be unable to work while recovering from the surgeries. If the money given is higher than they need, he will donate it to the Nashville Rescue Mission. The NRM is an organization that provides food, clothing and shelter to homeless people, along with recovery programs for those with personal issues.

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