Update On Rich Swann’s Release From Jail


We reported earlier today here on eWrestlingNews.com that Rich Swann was released from jail on Sunday. As previously reported, Swann was arrested for false imprisonment/kidnapping and a misdemeanor charge of battery – touching or striking against his wife Vannarah Riggs (indy wrestler Su Yung).

In an update on this, Swann was being held at the Alachua County Jail in Gainesville, Florida. He was released “on his own recognizance.”

Prior to being released, Swann had to sign a statement at the jail saying that he would have “no direct or indirect hostile contact” with Riggs. While Swann can technically contact his wife and even live with her, he can’t argue, insult or threaten her. Swann also has to contact the courts within 24 hours of being released. A judge was already assigned to his case but a court hearing has not been set as of this writing.

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