Update: Shawn Daivari Saves Train Passengers


ORIGINAL: According to TMZ.com, former WWE and TNA star Shawn Daivari claims he saved passengers on a train last week in Minneapolis after a fellow passenger threatened to kill everyone on-board. Daivari says he used a rear-naked choke to take down the passenger, due to police being slow to arrive to the scene.

The train was on its way to the airport when the passenger began making threats and Daivari says he decided to take matters into his own hands by applying the choke before throwing the man out of the train on its next stop. Metro Transit Rail says they are investigating the incident as a fight, and released the following statement…

“Metro Transit police responded after being alerted by the train operator to a fight on board. The investigation is ongoing.”

UPDATE: Here is the latest on what went down from the man himself:

On what happened: “I was just on the train and I was heading to the airport. I’m from Minneapolis, so I was just visiting family. I got on the train and there was this guy saying racial and anti-Semitic stuff really loud, specifically at a few passengers, and you could tell they were really uncomfortable. One guy had actually pushed the emergency call button on the train. And this guy kept going on and on, and nobody was showing up to help. There was one older guy sitting in a chair and he told the guy, “Hey, sit down, you’re making the train ride really uncomfortable for everybody.” At that point, the guy just got right in front of the older guy and physically threatened him, even threatened to kill him. That’s when everybody started running for the emergency call buttons. They were all hitting the buttons, and we went another stop after that, which was another two minutes. When the doors opened, nobody got on the train, so we knew there were no cops waiting to get on and help. I didn’t know if this guy had a knife in his pocket or a gun in his backpack, so I just went up to him, turned him around, grabbed him in a rear naked choke/sleeper hold and held until I felt his body go limp. I dropped him, locked on a body scissors and held him down until the next stop, which was about 45 seconds down the road. Then I just grabbed him by the seat of his pants and his collar and I threw him off the train. And mind you, from when this started, we probably went half the length of the trip, which was about 20 minutes. It was one thing when he was saying all that racial stuff, but when he started threatening passengers, I didn’t know if it was just a big guy talking tough like he’s at a bar or if he’s got a weapon. By the time I got to the airport, there were still no cops at the train station.”

On the guy’s size: “He was about 6-foot-1, 280. But a fat 280, not a solid 280. I’m 5-foot-10 and I weigh about 215 pounds.”

On whether he has any MMA training: “No. I learned the hold from watching and working with other wrestlers who did have that background. I actually had my first professional wrestling match when I was 15 years old, so my only [outside the ring experience] was high-school wrestling. I wrestled my freshman year in high school [135 pounds], but by my sophomore year I was having professional matches. So that ended my amateur career. I’ve worked with a ton of guys that have a ju-jitsu background, and they’ve showed me some stuff. Actually, what’s kind of funny is I learned a couple of holds from WWE referees Chad Patton and Jack Doan. They do legit MMA training at home and they actually showed me a couple of holds. I think they were the ones who taught me the triangle choke and the rear naked choke/sleeper hold.”

On whether he’s considered an MMA career: “No way, I’m not an MMA fighter. Wrestling is the only thing I know how to do well and it’s pretty much the only thing I’ve ever done my whole life. I’ve had two jobs in my life. I’ve been a student and I’ve been a wrestler; those are the only two things I’m qualified to do. And I like wrestling, it’s the one thing I feel like I’m very good at and it comes natural to me. To be a fighter, I think I’d actually have to train and work. Being a pro wrestler isn’t work to me, it’s my life.”

On who he still talks to in WWE: “I still talk to CM Punk and some of the other guys who are still with WWE. A lot of people from my time in WWE have come and gone, though. Daniel Bryan’s a guy who I’ve known for years and wrestled before, but never in WWE.”

On who he would like to face in WWE: “You have no idea what a huge Dolph Ziggler fan I am. When I first got signed by WWE, he was learning his first bits of wrestling ever; he had never even set foot in a wrestling ring. To see what he is today is probably one of the most impressive transitions I’ve ever seen, from first day on the job to full-blown future World Champion. He’s someone that blows me away. Obviously, other guys — my buddies like Punk — we’ve wrestled before, but it was in front of 100 people at a bar in Chicago, not a sold-out pay-per-view for his WWE Championship. There are so many people I’ve wrestled in WWE that I still wrestle now on international shows, and that’s how I stay in touch with people I met at WWE. They still call me up to wrestle them, even though I haven’t been on WWE TV since 2008.”

His message to the WWE Universe: “Thank you. It’s kind of funny. Apparently, they must have liked what I did on TV because I’m still getting calls every week from promoters asking me to wrestle, and that’s because fans who watched me in WWE will still come to see me. There are lots of other guys who have passed through WWE before and after me, but my phone still rings constantly, and that’s because WWE fans liked my wrestling.”

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