Update: Tons Of WWE: NXT Arrival Issues


Credit: The Wrestling Observer

We’ve been flooded with reports of problems related to the WWE’s first live broadcast on the network, which is not a good sign given whatever traffic they have tonight will be dwarfed on WrestleMania night.

There were two issues tonight. The first was that about 200 ticket holders who had purchased tickets were not allowed in because they oversold the building. Fans were told a few minutes before the start of the show that the 400-seat theater was over capacity.

According to one person on the outside, the customer service was described as horrible.

“Now the people running the show are yelling at the people who are upset, like it’s the customers’ fault they oversold the show. They’re not even offering refunds at this time. They say they’re sending some people out for autographs. This is a total minor league operation if I’ve ever seen one.”

The explanation from Full Sail University was said to be they oversold because they generally have 200 no-shows on the free tickets each taping since students and those associated with the college get in free, while outsiders have to pay. Apparently, to make sure the building is full, they give out far more tickets than seats. This time, virtually nobody with free tickets no showed.

We had a ton of feedback on people unable to watch the show. Some had the Roku box problems that have plagued the network from the start. Most contacted us at the same time my feed went out, just as the Tyler Breeze vs. Xavier Woods match started. Many stated when trying to reload, they got kicked back to a moment in the opener. I got kicked back several times to about two minutes before the Breeze vs. Woods match started, and then it would die again at the same point.

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