​Update: Vickie Guerrero’s WWE Departure


Partial Source: Sescoops.com

UPDATE: Last week, Vickie Guerrero responded to
rumors that she was leaving WWE by posting on Twitter and said they weren’t true
and that she wasn’t leaving. According to a high-placed WWE source, Vickie
Guerrero is still leaving the company as we noted yesterday here on the website.
However, the timeline of her exit from the company has been extended. The source
stated the following on Guerrero:

“She’s leaving. She’s just working tv’s until she gets
firmly planted into her new life. The report is accurate, the timeline has just

ORIGINAL: Vickie Guerrero has commented on the
rumors that she is leaving (or has already left) WWE. She

In an update on this, Vickie is simply
finishing up her advertised dates with WWE. We have confirmed that she is
leaving WWE …. it’s just a matter of when. The “official” departure will take
place within the next few weeks once she finishes her already agreed upon dates
with the company.

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