UPDATED! Ian Rotten admits to physical altercation with 11 year old girl at local show


***UPDATE 7/26/14**** Ian Rotten has admitted to portions of this claim today on Facebook and offered an apology of sorts to the mother.  In his apology, Rotten calls the mother by the incorrect name and proceeds to explain that while he did push the little girl, he felt justified in that she started the altercation.  

Rotten stated that “During my match Thursday night when in the ringside area, not in the crowd, I felt a forearm to my lower back with a push from behind. At this point I turned around and reacted to it, told the person not to push me and pushed the person back. Honestly and truthfully I did not realize that it was a young girl.”  

He went on to justify his actions by stating he was unsure if the 11 year old girl had a weapon and recited an incident in which he was “stabbed by a 70 +year old woman in Texas” . He also stated the profanity laced verbal altercation with the 9 year old boy was justified stating ” that on my part was purely interaction with him and I will not apologize for doing my job”.

In his apology, he offered no explanation for his son’s profanity laced verbal assault directed at the mother, simply stating that his son “was a man” and that he would ” talk to him” about the incident.

******7/25/14******   Multiple reports have surfaced that indicate Ian Rotten physically and verbally assaulted a pair of pre-teen children during the main event of the EPW event held at Jammerz in Clarksville, Indiana on July 24th..   

According to a Facebook post from the mother, ” One of the fights got in the audience, which we knew was a possibility. My kids moved and the fight went the way they moved, they moved again. My daughter, who is 11, got scared and was coming to me. Then, John Williams…AKA Ian Rotten bumped into Arianna. He proceeded to say to her, “You fucking pushing me?!?!?!”, and PUSHED MY DAUGHTER! My son walks up, Ariez is 9, and this same mother fucker, bent down to get in his face and say, “You wanna hit me? Hit me then you little BITCH!” And proceeded to PUSH MY 9 YEAR OLD CHILD!”

After the incident, the mother attempted to discuss the situation with management and was approached by Rotten’s teenage son who continued the verbal assault by informing the mother that “She should have moved. She was told to move”  When the mother informed Rotten’s son that she would be notifying the Police, he then got directly in her face and shouted ” You stupid fucking bitch! The little bitch should have fucking moved!”  The mother contacted local Police, who agreed that the incident “went too far”.

Many find this ironic as several months ago Rotten and his son were involved with controversy following an incident in which Jeff Jarrett allegedly pushed Rotten’s 17 year old son.  Following that incident Rotten was quoted as saying that nobody “had the rights to lay their hands on  my teenage son”.  It should be noted that Rotten’s son was backstage during this incident and is allegedly a professional wrestler.  

We asked Representatives from EPW to confirm or deny the story, which they have refused.  The only quote EPW would release for the record came from EPW Representative Kaige Kuttler who stated that anyone making this claim, upset by this, or reporting on this incident was a “fucking goof idiot”.

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