Updated List Of 2017 WWE Pay-Per-View Dates & Locations + A RAW Match Revealed


As of now, we can report that Braun Strowman vs. The Big Show is set to take place on Monday’s WWE RAW.

The following is an updated list of WWE pay-per-view events, dates and locations for 2017:


Fastlane: March 5, 2017 Location: Milwaukee, WI Brand: RAW

WrestleMania 33: April 2, 2017 Location: Orlando, FL Brand: RAW/SmackDown

Payback: April 30, 2017 Location: n/a Brand: n/a (likely RAW)

Backlash: May 21, 2017 Location: n/a Brand: n/a (likely SmackDown)

Extreme Rules: June 4, 2017 Location: n/a Brand: n/a (likely RAW)

Money in the Bank: June 18, 2017 Location: St. Louis, MO Brand: SmackDown

SummerSlam: August 20, 2017 Location: Brooklyn, NY Brand: RAW/SmackDown

Survivor Series: November 19, 2017 Location: Houston, TX Brand: RAW/SmackDown

Royal Rumble: January 28, 2018 Location: Philadelphia, PA Brand: RAW/SmackDown

WrestleMania 34: April 8, 2018 Location: New Orleans, LA Brand: RAW/SmackDown

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