Updates: Backstage Drama At Indy Event + ICP’s Show


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UPDATE: Some of the talents who weren’t paid over the weekend from the La Guerra event have received money from Amaro Productions.

In a correction from the weekend report, it had been reported that Brian Cage had loudly complained that he traveled to the event and demanded to be paid. It was actually WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine, who was booked by Amaro Productions. He ended up not working the show.

Here is a video package from the event, released by Amaro Productions…

ORIGINAL: The co-promoted show in Queens, New York between Joel Maximo’s Fighting Spirit Wrestling and Amaro Productions that took place on Saturday night was marred following a major incident post-show over several people who worked the show not getting paid. The show, which was the first full-fledged show by Amaro Productions, only drew between 100 and 150 people despite some well-known names appearing on it and after the show there was no money to pay the talent, which led to a lot of angry people backstage as you can imagine.

The two promoters were at each other’s throats over the money; Amaro was asking where the gate was for the show while Maximo replied that the show didn’t draw. Some of the talent was booked by Amaro and some was booked by FSW, making the responsibility of who owed whom a grey area.

Brian Cage, a talent who flew in from California, was yelling that he flew 5,000 miles and demanded to be paid. Former Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine, who was booked by Amaro and was backstage (though he didn’t work the show), at one point tried to stop the FSW crew from taking down the ring until they got paid. Savio Vega was claiming that “the money was stolen” and reportedly told Amaro that he knew it wasn’t his fault.

Chris Masters was at the show and felt both sides were at fault, posting to Twitter:

“Attn Wrestling world Amaro productions and FSW in Queens NY just screwed a whole locker room out of money. Do not do Buisiness with them!”

Joel Maximo says any talent that he had booked for the show were given the checks they were promised. Maximo said that any pay issues were with those people brought in by Amaro, who he was never supposed to be responsible for paying. He added there was no theft of money, noting that when Amaro didn’t pay FSW for half of the venue rental cost and forced FSW to cover the cost of a sound system at the last minute, FSW took the money out of the live gate which left Amaro no money with which to pay their talent.

Amaro’s talent was told that they would be paid online via PayPal. One of Maximo’s booked talent have confirmed they were paid by check.

What a freakin’ mess.

UPDATE: The show will actually debut on July 24th on FUSE, not the fall as previously reported.

ORIGINAL: Production has started in New York City on the new comedy series ICP Theater, which will air on the Fuse Network.

The series stars the Insane Clown Posse with appearances from Scott Hall, Greg Valentine and Vampiro. Valentine plays an old school movie usher that doesn’t talk. He wears an outfit that doesn’t fit and makes hand gestures. Vampire plays a “heckler”. Raven was set to make a guest appearance at one point, but didn’t film any material.

The series is set in a movie theater and is a cross between Beavis & Butthead and Mystery Science Theater 300. It will begin airing in the fall.

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