​Updates On Daniel Bryan, Alicia Fox & Damien Sandow


— As noted late last night, The Shield vs. Evolution in a rematch is
official for WWE Payback. As of now that’s the only match that is official for
the PPV, due to Daniel Bryan’s injury throwing his match with Kane off the

— As previously reported and revealed on RAW, Daniel Bryan is getting
surgery on Thursday to fix a neck injury. WrestleZone reports that no decision
has been made regarding whether the WWE World Title will be stripped from

The current opinion is that they should wait at least until Bryan’s surgery
so they can speak with doctors and find out how much time he will need. A
decision will be made after that.

— As noted ate last night, Alicia Fox “quit” WWE during a segment with
Stephanie McMahon after her match with Paige. Fox threw a tantrum after the loss
them walking up to Stephanie and said “I Quit.” She then posted on Twitter:

— Meanwhile, Damien Sandow cut a shoot-like promo on the RAW pre-show,
burying his segment with Hugh Jackman and complaining about having to wear a
superhero costume to get TV time. Sandow said that he would likely get stuck tag
teaming with Yoshi Tatsu but had something to say, though the mic was cut off
after. He said something about WWE being a publicly traded company and then
everything else was inaudible.

He tweeted after the segment:

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