US Marines Happy That Randy Orton Has Been Booted


It was reported yesterday that some US Marines, including some that served with Randy Orton were not happy that he was going to star in Marine: Homefront. This was because Orton went AWOL on two separate occasions, and ended up serving time in Military Prison.

WWE decided to pull Orton from the starring role in the film and this has made at least one Marine very happy. Cpl. Mike Vinn, who served with Orton, had the following to say about WWE’s decision to pull Orton from the film…

“On behalf of all the Marines from Aco 1/4 98-02, that were outraged to hear about Randy Orton portraying a Marine in the next movie “Marine: Homefront”, I’d like to thank the WWE for pulling Orton from the role when they heard about his disloyal service to the United States Marine Corps.

It shows respect for not only the unit I had served in, but for every person that has ever defended this nation. Thank you WWE.”

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