Wednesday Night War

USA Network Reportedly Behind NXT Moving To Tuesday Nights – Full Details


With NXT “Super Tuesday” performing well in the ratings, USA Network is toying around with the idea of moving NXT to Tuesday nights on a permanent basis. Keep in mind, this is strictly talk at this point and nothing is set in stone. USA Network executives aren’t as committed as WWE is to having NXT go up against AEW Dynamite on Wednesday nights and they obviously aren’t happy with NXT continuing to lose the ratings war, therefore the idea was presented for NXT to be moved to Tuesday’s instead.

WWE has been positive and surprisingly more receptive to the idea of this move occurring, but nothing is considered a done deal at this point in time. The next few weeks of NXT programming on Tuesday nights are being considered a test run to see how well the show performs without head-to-head competition from AEW Dynamite.

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