UWN Suspending Their “Primetime Live” Pay-Per-View Events


The UWN (United Wrestling Network) has announced that the company is suspending their “Primetime Live” pay-per-view events following Tuesday night’s show. According to Pwinsider, UWN President Dave Marquez has confirmed that the live pay-per-view events will go on hiatus following this week’s show. The company is planning on returning in 2021.

Marquez says the break is due to the pandemic and not knowing how the situation will unfold in California. In addition to that, the company is planning to take a break during the holiday season and see how things play out.

The company noted that they didn’t want to keep changing their cards at the last minute due to COVID-19.

The UWN Title match between Mike Bennett and Chris Dickinson will take place at some point in 2021.

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