Val Venis Turns Down 1,000th RAW Invitation, Rosa Featured


— Val Venis is the latest addition to the Alumni section on, which also acknowledges the character’s controversial antics: Rude, lewd, and highly outrageous, Val Venis shocked network censors and WWE fans alike when he debuted during the “Attitude Era.” Find out what all the controversy was about with The Big Valbowski’s exclusive profile, photos, and videos.”

Meanwhile, Venis, whose real name is Sean Morley, stated on Twitter on July 18 that he was contacted by his former employer to appear on the 1,000th RAW, but declined because he “just cannot do anything with them for as long as they continue their support of #SOPA/#CISPA.” He has since reiterated his stance multiple times on the website.

— Rosa Mendes is today’s spotlighted Superstar on

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