Vampiro on Having Heat With Sting Over His Facepaint


During his appearance on Chris Van Vliet’s receipt interview episode, Vampiro recalled having heat with Sting in WCW over his facepaint. Vampire signed with WCW in 1998 and was with the company until its purchase by WWE. During that time he had a memorable alliance with Sting where they were the “Brothers in Paint” and then an eventual feud. Vampiro talked about how Sting was unhappy when Vampiro came in because of his facepaint gimmick and how he refused to change it because his look was part of his everyday life, where as Sting’s was just a part of his character.

You can check out the highlights and full video below:

On Sting being upset about his facepaint: “Yeah, yeah. I mean, he got all uptight about it and I was like, ‘Dude.’ Because in Mexico, everybody paints their face, or everybody wears a mask. Back in the day there were four masks, now there’s like 4,000. It’s kind of like, ‘Well, he’s the only guy who can paint his face!’ ‘I — okay. What do you want me to do?’ It’s like, ‘I’ve been doing this for 17, 18 years already. This isn’t something new. I mean, can you release me, can I leave, can I get the f**k out of here?’ They were like, ‘No, no, no no no. But is there anything you can do about the face paint?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I could do more!’ That’s when I brought the Misfits in, and he was like, ‘[sighs].’”

On talking to Sting about it: I said, ‘Brother, I’m sorry man. This is really who I am. I am in a cult, I do vampire stuff. I play in bands like this. I’m part of the Gothic hardcore punk scene. This is since I was 12. You’re a f**king hypocritical, lying motherf**ker who’s just a pro wrestler. Who doesn’t understand that there’s another world outside this dressing room. Chill the f**k out.’ And I guess he didn’t.”

On Sting’s facepaint not being ‘authentic’: “Sting didn’t know [where Vampiro’s facepaint came from]. And you know, whatever dude. He was a Blade Runner. You remember when Blade Runner first came out? That’s where they got their image from. Him and Ultimate Warrior, when they first started and they were a tag team. So go back and look at Sting with his Brian Bosworth haircut and his Blade Runner makeup. So that right there told me — and it’s not an insult to Sting. God bless him, and thank god, Sting taught me so much. But he wasn’t authentic. He wasn’t a musician, he wasn’t a[n] underground guy, he was a fan who took something from movies and created a character. I came from the streets with this street image, and turned it into a wrestling personality. So it’s kind of like, when everybody was like ‘You can’t do this.’ And I was like, ‘I don’t just paint my face and do my stuff here. This is what I do every day. If you see me in the airport, this is it. You better f**king relax.”

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