Various News: Davey Richards & Kevin Steen Shoot, Books


— Former ROH wrestler Erick Stevens turns 31 years old today.

— Here is the listing of upcoming wrestling related books…

* April 1st – The Three Count: My Life in Stripes as a WWE Referee by Jimmy Korderas. Foreword by Adam “Edge” Copeland

* April 1st – The Hardcore Truth by Bob Holly and Ross Williams.

* June 1st – Animal by George “The Animal” Steele and Jim Evans, Foreword by Cowboy Bill Watts

* August 13th- Wrestling with the Devil: The True Story of a World Champion Professional Wrestler – His Reign, Ruin, and Redemption by Lex Luger, Foreword by Sting

— Here is a video of the Davey Richards & Kevin Steen shoot interview

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