Various News: Discounted iPPVs, How Old Is Funaki?, Flair


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson turns 68 years old today.

— Former WWE wrestler Shoichi Funaki turns 44 years old today.

— Reid Flair challenges for the EAW All-Star Championship against Justin Flash at the Wrestle War VI iPPV event. You can order the show here.

— AWA returns Sunday night at Midnight on ESPN Classic. Scheduled for the show is the following…

* The Trooper vs. Tokyo Bullet

* Mike George vs. The Menace

* Nikita Koloff vs. Jones

* D.J. Peterson and Ric MCord vs. Bennett and Carlson

* Johnnie Stewart vs. Tony Denucci

— Dragon Gate USA sent out the following today… “We have a new Weekly Special to help you get ready for El Generico vs. Samuray Del Sol III. The EVOLVE 14 and EVOLVE 15 iPPVs at On Demand are 33% off and just $9.99 each until August 29th. These cards featured the first two amazing matches between El Generico and Samuray Del Sol. There hasn’t been two matches like this on back-to-back nights in recent memory. Both iPPVs are already discounted so no code is needed. The best part is when you purchase you have unlimited On Demand access forever. Take advantage of this special and see some wrestling that will blow your mind as we head to Generico vs. Del Sol III on September 8th at EVOLVE 17.” To order events, you can go here.

— CHIKARA has announced that the following teams will be apart of the 2012 King of Trios Tournament. The 2012 King of Trios tournament takes place on September 14th, 15th and 16th. The matches announced thus far are…

* F.I.S.T: Chuck Taylor, Johnny Gargano, Icarus vs. Team Osaka Pro: Ebessan, Kikutaro and Takayakida

* The Colony: Fire Ant, Green Ant and assailant vs. Team Sendai Girls: Dash Chisako, Meiko Satomura and Sendai Sachiko

* The Swarm: combatANT, deviANT, Soldier Ant vs. Quack, Jig and Toyota: Mike Quackenbush, Jigsw and Manami Toyota

* The Batiri: Obariyon, Kobald and Kodama vs. 3.0 & Akuma: Scott Parker, Shane Matthews and Gran Akuma

* The Extreme Trio: Jerry Lynn, 2 Cold Scorpio, Tommy Dreamer

* The Spectral Envoy: Hallowicked, Frightmare, Ultramantis Black

* The Throwbacks: Mr. Touchdown, Dasher Hatfield and Matt Classic

* Team JWP: Comando Bolshoi, Tsubasa Kuragaki and Kaori Yoneyama

* Team Ring of Honor: Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson and Mike Bennett

* The Faces of Pain: Meng, The Warlord and The Barbarian

* Team WWF: The 1-2-3 Kid, Tatanka, “The Porugeuse Man o’ War” Aldo Montoya

* The Submission Squad: “Elegant Assassin” Pierre Abernathy, “Pistol Danger” Evan Gelistico, “Barn Owl” Gary Jay, Davey Vega

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