Various News: Edge Update, Lou D’Angeli’s Plans, Rumble


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— Former WWE & ECW executive Lou D’Angeli is shopping around a new screenplay about pro-wrestling called Saint. On his Twitter, D’Angeli described the wrestling movie as something “that will rock some worlds addressing the unspoken issues, challenges, and politics of the wrestling business for the first time at this level of depth. It’s not The Wrestler it’s very different…but all very real and all witnessed by me at some point in WWE and ECW.” More on the movie is on D’Angeli’s website.

— From Terri Bey: WWE Hall of Famer Edge did an interview for 99.9 KISS Country in Asheville, NC where he talked about living in Asheville, and briefly discussed retirement. He agreed to do a signing at the Asheville Mall in the Food Court for 5 dollars on Friday, Feb 17, 2012, starting at 7pm to benefit the Missions Children Hospital, so if you are in the area, you’ll be able to meet him.

— Harley Race appeared at the WWE developmental TV taping in Tampa, FL last night. He cut a promo from the floor outside the ring, saying his days of walking up and down stairs are over. He thanked the fans for their applause and noted he first wrestled in Tampa in the 60s.

— The 2012 WWE Royal Rumble DVD & Blu-Ray will be released on 2/28.

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