Various News: FTR Get Nostalgic, Lashley Gets Interviewed, GCW News


In a post on his Twitter account, Dax Harwood recalled FTR’s rematch against The Young Bucks that took place back in April on AEW Dynamite. FTR defended their ROH Tag Team Titles against the Bucks in the matchup. Dax Harwood wrote the following on the match:

“Top 5 match of my career. Two of the greatest tag teams of a generation, trying to outwork & out-hustle each other to give the fans something special. I’ll always be proud of this one. This is when we realized the fans perception of us had changed. Very grateful for this night.”


You can see Harwood’s tweet below:

GCW wrestler Chris Hamrick took to Facebook to apologize for using a homophobic slur. A live mic picked up the language at this past weekend’s GCW Aura event. You can see the post from Hamrick below:

“Don’t know if anyone will read some or all of this, but it needs to be said. This weekend I did a stupid, harmful thing at GCW. I was a HEEL, and I called a fan an unkind word… But, it’s just a word, right??

I brought negative press to Brett Lauderdale and the entire GCW company, and for that, I am so so sorry. But, it’s just a word, right. I brought embarrassment to Jordan Oliver Jr. Who talked Brett into booking me, and I apologize for that.

For the ones in my match, Jimmy LLoyd Marcus Mathers 1calledManders, Shane Mercer, a and Dustin Wheeler, I can’t express the sorrow I have for ruining the match before it even started

I’m so stuck in my old school ways, I didn’t see what the big deal was.. Even as much as yesterday, I was thinking, I apologized , it’s over… It’s just a word

Don’t really know if it was the character in me really believing that, but this morning, the human side of me came out, and realized, what a stupid useless thing to say…

It’s just a word, right.. It is… Its a stupid, hurtful, nasty ass word, that NO ONE has the right to say..
This isn’t an apology to try to get back into GCW…. Love that group, always will

Yesterday I told someone I didn’t want to wrestle in front of a crowd of fans from this generation, truth is….I don’t deserve to wrestle in front of them…

30 something years in the business, I just now realized it’s what you do IN the ring

It’s just a word, a word that shouldn’t be used now or EVER

To everyone I offended, I am truly sorry and embarrassed that my name will be affiliated with this forever!!!
Just know, from the bottom of my heart, I am truly truly sorry!!!!!”

Bobby Lashley was a guest of NBC 10 Boston ahead of this weekend’s Survivor Series event. You can see a post from their official Twitter account below:

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