Various News: FWE Results, Pearce Speaks Out, Blanchard


— Here are some quick results from Saturday night’s Family Wrestling Entertainment event featuring Jay Lethal, Billy Gunn, Maria and more:

– Damien Darling defeated Jay Lethal via pin to become the New FWE Tri-Borough Champion

– Jorge Santi defeated Ricky Reyes via pin

FWE Tag title tournament bout: All Money is Legal defeated The Midnight Sensations via pin

– Wes Draven defeated Sonjay Dutt via pin

– Jay Lethal won the FWE Rumble and challenged Damien Darling to a title rematch

– Brian Kendrick defeated Mike Bennett via pin

– Winter defeated Rosita and Maria via pin to become the New FWE Women’s Champion

– Charlie Haas defeated Billy Gunn via pin

– Jay Lethal challenged FWE Champion Eric Young, and defeated him via pin to become the new FWE Champion

— Adam Pearce recently spoke about his goals with the NWA Championship and more. Check out the highlights:

On trying to restore prestige to the title “I’m absolutely trying to mirror what guys like Jack Brisco, Harley Race and Ric Flair did early on by literally going everywhere I can with that belt. Say what you want about the NWA in its current incarnation, but that the image of that belt, the 10 pounds of gold, is the godfather of all modern wrestling championships. It’s a shame to me, as a wrestling fan first and foremost, that today’s young generation really has no idea of what it even is.”

On defending the title all over the world: “If I can be the guy, even on a small level trying to spearhead a renaissance, I’m proud and honored to do that. With Vince McMahon putting out the Ric Flair and the Horsemen DVDs, there’s some education there. If I can expound on that by appearing in markets that the championship hasn’t been in in several years, I’m humbled to do that. It’s extremely gratifying.”

On the NWA being revitalized: “The NWA brand has taken a big step in trying to do what Ring of Honor has done the past several years by piggybacking Wrestlemania and making that weekend the biggest wrestling weekend in the country. It’s not only a big step for (promoter) Howard Brody and Ring Warriors, but for everybody on that card. Headlining an event on that weekend makes it even more special.”

— Here is the late Joe Blanchard’s NWA Legends Fanfest’s Hall of Heroes Induction that he received in 2010. Blanchard was inducted by Harley Race.

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