Various News: Iron Sheik Comedy Roast, Terry Funk, Storm


— As noted earlier here on the website, former MMA fighter Phil Friedman (James Bronson in NXT) has been released by WWE. Friedman, who is in his later 30s, had been injured for quite some time and out of action. He is also the son of the former president of Matel and Toys “R” Us, and many felt his signing was done as a favor.

— On AXS TV on Wednesday night, their “viral video of the day” was the incident from the original ECW where WWE Hall Of Famer and ECW original Terry Funk got the fans to throw all of their chairs into the ring.

— Former WWE Superstar Lance Storm wrote a new blog on his official website where he talks about the current booking for WWE RAW each week. You can check that out online at

— There will be another comedy roast tour of WWE Hall Of Famer Iron Sheik on November 6th in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, November 7th in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and November 8th in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Among those roasting Sheik are comedian Gilbert Gottfried (a master of comedy roasts), comedian Mike Lawrence, as well as several pro wrestlers and Ontario-based personalities.

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