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Various News – Jim Ross/Mauro Ranallo, Buff Bagwell’s Sobriety, Singh Wants To Fight Wardlow



During a recent virtual signing for K&S Wrestlefest, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross stated that it’s highly unlikely that Mauro Ranallo would be a part of the AEW Collision commentary team. Ross said,

He’s a friend of mine… He has mental health issues. He can help any organization, Mauro. Mauro Ranallo is that good. He’s not a great traveler and that’s not knocking Mauro. It’s just he has issues that are more important than who’s doing ‘Dynamite’ next week.

In a recent interview with Eric Bischoff, WCW legend Buff Bagwell shared an update on his health and announced his nine months of sobriety. He said,

It really wasn’t hard when I decided to do this, but the nine-month chip is a big rumor of it’s one of the hardest. It wasn’t a hard chip, but it was the longest. 30 came in no time, 60 came in no time, and then, you know, 90… I went to three or four meetings and I was like, ‘Is it still not been nine months?’ That nine-month shift was a long one. I liked going through airports and drinking. I enjoy having a cocktail on an airplane… That was always fun for me, but that’s not on the board anymore, so now it just goes to, you know, what I go to is food. That was always a thing for me, was eating healthy of course, so I just dove back into being body Marcus Bagwell.

Bagwell added that being sober has allowed him to regain his memory, which in turn is helping him better remember names and moments in his life.

In a recent appearance on the WrestleBinge podcast, AEW wrestler Satnam Singh named Wardlow as one of his dream opponents and lavished praise on the reigning TNT Champion.

Singh, who has only wrestled one match in AEW, interacted with Wardlow during the latter’s feud with Jay Lethal.

Singh said, Wardlow is amazing. I could work with Wardlow. He’s a different person, but I’d really love to work with him one day, I wait for that. Because he’s so jacked and he looks good, and he’s tall. I feel like I can work with him and whatever I want to do with him, he can do working with me. I think he’s really good. I talked to him about it. I asked him, [and] he said, ‘I have so many things I can do with you.’ I said, ‘I can’t wait for that day, whenever I have my single match with you.

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