Various News: Matt Striker’s New Gig, Prichard Blogs, More


— Dr. Tom Prichard has posted a new blog about traveling on the road, Steve Austin and more.

Meanwhile, Prichard will be the guest trainer at Harley Race’s school in Eldon, Missouri on November 11.

— For those still curious, Hillbilly Jim is still hosting his “Moonshine Matinee” satellite radio show.

— Matt Striker has been signed as one of the trainers for the FTW school in Long Island.

Striker also worked over the weekend for Right Coast Pro in Newark, Delaware at the Life Center. He beat Billy Bax. He said that on November 9, Bax would face Mikey Whipwreck in an Extreme Rules match. Right Coast Pro has several names from the ECWA roster when Jim Kettner owned that promotion, including King Mega, Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush and Corgeous Cruz. You can get more details here.

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