Various News: New Jack/Sean Waltman, ‘Puppet’, TNA Today


— reports that Puppet, the midget wrestler that appeared for both Spike TV’s Half Pint Brawlers and TNA, was hospitalized after a bad fall at an independent wrestling show in Virginia.

Puppet jumped off the top rope to the outside onto a table, but overshot the jump by a few feet and face planted onto the cement floor. He was unconscious for almost three minutes. He was given eight stitches for a cut above his eye. He will now need major reconstructive dental surgery to fix all of his top teeth.

Doctors gave him a lot of morphine for the pain, which you can see below in the video. He is recovering from his surgeries and won’t be back in the ring for a couple of weeks.

— Kayfabe Commentaries is releasing a new video series, titled Breaking Kayfabe. The first two installments will feature Sean Waltman and New Jack. Here is the description of the series, and preview videos…

“The format of the show is that of a more traditional talk-show, but the content is anything but traditional. KC will take shoot-style programming to a whole new level with this one, as the stars of wrestling sit down with Sean Oliver and bare their souls like never before. Breaking Kayfabe seeks to get inside the people that lived inside the characters we came to know in wrestling. You may be shocked and amazed that the personal lives of these individuals are as interesting, violent, and sometimes tragic as the characters they portrayed. This riveting spin on the shoot-DVD format is a back and forth like no other shoot you’ve seen. The series is a little therapy, a little history…all KC!”

— Here is the latest edition of TNA Today, featuring Austin Aries…

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