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Various News – Sami Callihan On The Most Important Thing About Wrestling, SHINE 75



In a recent appearance on the Tru Heel Heat Wrestling podcast, Impact Wrestling star Sami Callihan shared his perspective on what makes wrestling moments meaningful and memorable.

Callihan recalled his early life before joining the professional wrestling business and revealed what truly creates a standout moment. He said,

“That’s what made me a huge wrestling fan as a kid. Not just the matches… It was people getting struck with lightning bolts and being resurrected from the dead. Even in Impact with Joker Sting, which is brilliant still to this day. Those moments are way more important than the wrestler themselves and the matches and the moves they do. You can name an amazing wrestler and sometimes you’ll very rarely be able to tell anyone what amazing matches they had. But you’re gonna remember … how it made you feel.”

SHINE has announced the lineup for next month’s SHINE 75 event in Clearwater, Florida. The event takes place on June 18th at the OCC Road House.

You can check out the full lineup below:

SHINE Championship Match: Ivelisse vs. Kimber Lee vs. Lindsay Snow
If Ivelisse gets pinned or submitted she loses the SHINE Championship. If either Kimber Lee or Lindsay Snow score a win on each other, the winner becomes the #1 Contender for the SHINE Championship.
SHINE Nova Championship Lumberjill Match: Renee Michelle vs. The W.O.A.D.
SHINE Tag Team Championship Match:: The Coven (Kelsey Raegan & Chelsea Durden) vs. SoFlo Unsanctioned (Rocky Radley & Dynamite DiDi)
* Amber Nova vs. Madisyn Maxxwell
* Brandi Lauren vs. Jade
* Allie Recks vs. Tracy Nyxx
* Lexi Gomez vs. Labrava of Las Sicarias
* Tiffany Nieves of Las Sicarias vs. Kaitland Alexis

Pwinsider is reporting that the audiobook edition of Tod Gordon’s Tod is God – The Authorized Story of How I Created Extreme Championship Wrestling will release on August 15.

The non-audiobook version will launch in July in the United States and September in Great Britain. Co-author Sean Oliver will voice the audiobook.

The book is described as follows:

“The uncensored inside story of ECW’s founder Tod Gordon’s journey from jewelry store owner to one of the three most powerful promoters in pro wrestling.

Extreme Championship Wrestling was the revolutionary, industry-redefining wrestling federation of the ’90s, and founder and owner Tod Gordon is telling his story for the first time. Gordon went from local Philadelphia businessman to the third most influential man in wrestling as ECW became the fiery challenger to WWE and WCW. ECW’s young roster featured inventive risk-taking talent that both major federations sought to emulate but could never duplicate. Chants of “E-C-W!” rang out in wrestling arenas across all federations for decades.

In Tod is God—so named for a chant the ECW fans created to honor the founder—Gordon chronicles each step of the company’s meteoric rise to prominence, as well as the elements that led to his removing himself from the company before its demise. Gordon’s former partnership with ECW booker Paul Heyman made for magical TV and in-ring moments. The friendship between Gordon and Heyman, both a blessing and curse, was the once-in-a-lifetime bond responsible for so many of history’s greatest teams, bands, and partners. Gordon has stayed silent on the causes for the split and, by doing so, assumed blame for it. Until now.

Tod is God is the closest you’ll ever get to living ECW’s ride to the top. Come sit beside Sandman, Sabu, Terry Funk, Cactus Jack, and other ECW stars as Gordon brings you inside the locker rooms, hotel rooms, and car rides. From the triumphs and breakthroughs to the frustrations and tragedies, you’ll live it all alongside the man who started it all.”

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