Various News – WOW, Daniel Garcia On Hey! (EW), Danhausen, Rampage Highlights, More


WOW – Women of Wrestling has released the full video for Episode 30 on their official YouTube channel. You can check that out below:


AEW wrestler Daniel Garcia will be RJ City’s guest on tomorrow’s edition of Hey! (EW). You can watch a preview clip for the show below:

Danhausen shared a new video offering his perspective on the Back to the Future film. You can check that out below:

You can check out some additional highlights from last night’s episode of AEW Rampage below:

And finally, a new book exploring the invention of pro wrestling and those who helped perfect the craft will release later this year. The book is titled, Ballyhoo!: The Roughhousers, Con Artists, and Wildmen Who Invented Professional Wrestling, and it’s authored by John Langmead. The book will release on November 30 from The University of Missouri. You can read the synopsis below:

“Ballyhoo! The Roughhousers, Con Artists, and Wildmen Who Invented Professional Wrestling is a history of professional wrestling’s formative period in the U.S., from roughly 1874 to 1941, and the contested interplay of wrestlers and promoters who built the “sport” as we know it. During this period, the major conventions that would define wrestling to the present day were perfected and codified, as wrestling morphed from a rough sport practiced on farms and at town gatherings to melodramatic mass entertainment that reliably drew large crowds in cities across the nation.

The narrative uses the life and career of Jack Curley—a boxing promoter whose fortune took a turn for the better when he began promoting wrestling matches—as a compass as it charts the development of wrestling. By the late 1910s, Curley’s shows were selling out Madison Square Garden monthly. Ballyhoo chronicles his competition with the other promoters, as well as the lives of colorful athletes like “Strangler” Ed Lewis, Frank Gotch, the “Masked Marvel,” Jim Londos, “Gorgeous George” Wagner, “Farmer” Martin Burns, and “Dynamite” Gus Sonnenberg.”

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