Various News: Zach Gowen Update, Devil’s Ride Renewed, More


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— Devil’s Ride, the series produced by Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment, has been renewed for a third season by Discovery.

— On the Monday night episode of @Midnight on Comedy Central (hosted by Chris Hardwick), the game #HashtagWars featured the topic #WrestlingTV shows. Answers included CM Punk’d, How I Body Slammed Your Mother, Hulk Hogan’s Heroes, Jake the Snake and the Fat Man, Randy Macho Man vs Wild, The 6 Million Dollar Macho Man, Jerry Lawler and Order, Brock Lesnar’s Tickle Party, Remmington Steele Cage Match, 2 Men and a Man We Broke in Half, Triple H.R. Pufnstuf, Owen Hart to Hart and Broken Spinefeld. Those were given by the comedians on the show. The winning fan tweet was shown the next night and was Mr Perfect Strangers. A graphic was shown featuring Balki and Cousin Larry with Curt Hennig in the middle and the logo written in the style of the original show.

— Zach Gowen was interviewed on Kevin Gill’s podcast. He talked about a documentary he’s putting together on his life, the moment his father decided to see him after 16 years when he was making a WWE appearance, Vince McMahon “saving his life”, his personal issuesa and more. You can find it here.

— Pro Wrestling Best Of The 80’s Southwest Volume 2 will be released on DVD on February 18.

Here’s a synopsis: “Southwest Wrestling was the 2nd national program of Pro Wrestling in the 80’s. One of the highest rated programs of pro wrestling at the time. With international stars like Bruiser Brody, Wahoo McDaniels, Abdullah The Butcher, The Sheepherders and more. Too the regular stars like Tully Blanchard, Scott Casey, Manny Fernandez, and many others. Over 3 12 hours of the wrestling action from the 80s.”

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