Veer Mahaan Wants More Indian Talent On WWE TV


WWE RAW Superstar Veer Mahaan is hopeful that more Indian talent will soon be appearing on the company’s programing.

Mahaan signed with WWE in 2018 as part of NXT, and was moved to RAW in 2021, but would only debut in April this year.


In a conversation with NewsDayExpress, Veer spoke about his hopes for Indian talent. He said,

“I think after The Great Khali, there has not been anyone that the people of our country can cheer for, so I think that somewhere, the demand of the people of India was fulfilled by WWE and Sony Sports and they are doing it.

“I personally would like that more talent should come from India, and they should be given a chance so that they can bring glory to India.”

In January 2021, WWE attempted to appeal to their Indian market with their Superstar Spectacle event.

Mahaan’s last match on RAW saw him come up short in a battle royal on the June 27, 2022 episode.

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