Velvet Sky Addresses Yesterday’s Backstage Report


I apologize for the production issues on last night’s edition of WZR Radio. I believe we have the problem fixed and we’ll do a “take two” tonight. The show will air LIVE from 8-10EST. Again, I sincerely apologize for errors and hope to see you later tonight. Look for the live chatroom and media links around 7EST.

Velvet Sky has dismissed yesterday’s report that much of Karen Jarrett’s degrading on-air dialogue toward the Knockouts Division starlet is based on how certain company officials legitimately perceive her.

She tweeted Tuesday in response to a fan, “LOL that RUMOR is so far from the truth. Don’t believe everything you read people…”

The TNA Knockout then stated Wednesday to her followers, “A grown man + rumors = Wrong, Epic Fail, Try again and THANKS FOR PLAYING! Try reporting something with truth to it. Must be a slow week.”

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