The Velveteen Dream Claims Becky Lynch “Is C-List at Best”


NXT’s one-man cult of personality, The Velveteen Dream, has made a career out of being outspoken and controversial, especially when it comes to the digital battlefield of Twitter. It would appear that he is setting his sights on a brand new target — The Man herself.

After WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley tweeted out an appreciative post for Becky Lynch, calling her “the most captivating character in the business”, Dream clearly took the praise personally. “THIS TWEET IS DISRESPECTFUL”, he shot back at the Hardcore Legend. “She is C-List at best and I’m willing to prove it.”

We’re not exactly sure what prompted Dream to take things so personally, or how such a thing could ever become reality, but we are EXTREMELY interested in seeing him and Becky Lynch fight it out in the ring. Please WWE, make this happen.

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