Velveteen Dream

Velveteen Dream Defends Vince McMahon: “TV Sucks When Performers Fail!”


WWE NXT Superstar Velveteen Dream posted a new Instagram story, defending Vince McMahon and putting the blame on the wrestlers for why the WWE product “sucks” right now. He said,

“Vince [McMahon] can write all day” but “it’s ur ‘favorites’ that have to make it entertaining. Actors and entertainers and stuntmen failed 2 entertain u.”

He also compared Vince McMahon and WWE to George Lucas of the Star Wars franchise, saying that the new Star Wars movies “suck because the new actors suck.”

We’ll see if he still feels this way when he’s called up to the main roster and whether Vince ruins his character or not. So many other wrestlers have felt Vince’s wrath and booking once they are called up from NXT.

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