Velveteen Dream Teases Match With John Cena, Mick Foley Leaving Social Media


Many fans and insiders alike believe that Velveteen Dream will be a huge superstar in the near future. In may of 2018, John Cena acknowledged The Dream on his Twitter account, but this morning, Velveteen sent out an obvious Twitter message claiming that the world would rejoice when he wrestles Cena.


To many people’s surprise, Dream isn’t booked for NXT Takeover Phoenix next week.

WWE HOF Mick Foley announced that he has left Instagram and will be leaving Twitter and Facebook as well too. Foley took to Twitter to explain his leaving:

“Yes, I bailed out on my @Instagram account after just two posts. I just don’t have the time or enthusiasm to make it anything special. I’m still trying to wean myself off of Twitter and Facebook.” 

Whether Foley left social media due to simply not having the time or enthusiasm, or because of the toxicity of the communities is unknown but both theories have been proposed.

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