Tuesday, June 18, 2024
NewsVic Joseph Believes WWE Will Eventually Go Back To TV-14

Vic Joseph Believes WWE Will Eventually Go Back To TV-14



Earlier this month, it was reported that WWE would be going back to a TV-14 rating. The decision was said to have been made by the USA Network.

While the change hasn’t happened just yet, WWE NXT commentator Vic Joseph noted during an appearance on “The Ken Carman Show” that he believes the company will eventually make the transition. He said,

“Yeah. NXT had TV-14 for a week or two a couple of months back. You’re seeing things get a little bit edgier. As far as me watching it, I think people have this misconception that we all know what’s going on, I haven’t been on the road. I live five miles from where I go to work in Orlando. I’m not on the road and not in those meetings anymore. From what I’ve seen, with the language and some of the things picking up. This past Monday was the first time I can recall seeing blood on someone’s face in the ring and they weren’t trying to clean it up. I would have to tip my towards, ‘Yeah, it’s coming back.’“

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