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Vic Joseph Reveals The Advice John Cena Gave Him On His First Night In WWE



During the latest edition of the “After the Bell with Corey Graves” podcast, Vic Joseph commented on the advice John Cena gave him during his first night on WWE commentary, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the fan reaction to John Cena’s WWE return: “When John Cena came back on Raw, the WWE Universe didn’t hate him. They were appreciating him because we all know time is of the essence here. There is one person who is undefeated and it’s father time. We all better enjoy who John Cena is and what he’s done for this industry.”

On Cena giving him advice after his first night on WWE 205 Live commentary: “This isn’t me gushing on it. I’ve never told this story publicly. The first day I did 205 Live, I was told there is two guys where if you see them, you say hi to them. JBL, because he will remember if you walk by and don’t say hi, and John Cena because he sees everything. I happen to see Cena and I went up and said, ‘Mr. Cena, I’m Vic Joseph, I’m new and I’m doing 205 Live tonight and I wanted to introduce myself.’ He goes, ‘You’re new? I’m going to watch the show.’ I’m thinking he’s not going to watch the show. We do the show and I’m leaving, he’s still in the locker room area or wherever and I walk by and I said, ‘John, nice to meet you.’ He says, ‘Vic, come here.’ He walked me over and sat and talked with me about what I did for that hour. ‘Know the stories, know the transitions, you had this, don’t say this, lay out here.’ He ran through it all. A man who is a bonafide movie star and a multiple time world champion, easily on the Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling and WWE, (he) took the time to not leave the arena and (instead) listen to what I had to say on 205 Live. I’ll never forget that. That’s a story about who the man John Cena is, not what you see on TV.”

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