Vickie Guerrero ‘Fired’ On RAW – New GM Announced


It was announced on Monday’s edition of WWE RAW that former Managing Supervisor of RAW, Vickie Guerrero, was “fired”.

During her in-ring job evaluation, Vince McMahon voted to promote Vickie, while Triple H voted to fire her. The final vote came to Stephanie McMahon, who decided to leave it up to the WWE Universe. With that said, we see results of the poll on the WWE App that asked if Vickie had passed or failed at her job thus far. The fans voted 75 percent for failed, 25 percent for passed. Stephanie McMahon then fired Vickie Guerrero on the spot.

After firing Vickie, Stephanie and HHH left the ring to Vince McMahon. Vince, still upset with the decision made to fire Vickie, wasted no time in revealing her successor: Brad Maddox.

Later in the show during a backstage segment, Vince McMahon was consoling Vickie, who said she loves her job. Vince said he would make it right. Brad Maddox came by and said he was sorry about what happened to her. He extended his hand and thanked Vince and said it’s a decision he won’t regret. While we will all miss Vickie, he’s very happy to be the new GM of RAW and will pick up right where Vickie left off. Vince asked him how long will he hold his hand for but like he said, he gave them what they deserved. Vickie was fuming, slams Maddox and then attacks him repeatedly. So Vickie Guerrero isn’t done yet ….. the angle continues.

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