Andrade El Idolo

Vickie Guerrero On When She Knew Andrade Had Signed With AEW


Vickie Guerrero, the manager of AEW’s newest signee Andrade El Idolo has spoken on the It’s Our House Podcast about when she knew he had signed with the company, and what she expects to see from him in AEW.

Guerrero had this to say, “From my own personal opinion, AndradeĀ El Idolo is just an amazing talent. I mean he’s so incredibly creative in the ring. Of course you know he has such a great legacy in Mexico and it’s a perfect fit for All Elite Wrestling. I knew the day of that I was going to be working with him. Tony Khan makes all the decisions in All Elite Wrestling so when he said hey I have someone for you to come meet and when I went to the trailer and saw him I was just ecstatic. I’ve never met him personally, so to be able to you know sit down and talk to him, he’s such a polite gentleman and so humble, and I think that we’re just going to have some great times at All Elite Wrestling….

I think he was really underutilised in WWE and that’s just my personal opinion and I think that there’s just a lot of talent in one show, and you know that’s just the basic recipe that a lot of promotions face, But I think he’s just gonna have a really great time in All Elite Wrestling. Number one, because he’s working with me, and number two is, there’s just a lot of great wrestlers here in All Elite Wrestling that he’s going to be able to have these incredible matches with.”

Are you excited about Andrade El Idolo joining AEW? And who would you most want to see him square off against from the talent on the AEW roster? Let us know in the comments, or over on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Andrade’s fiancee Charlotte Flair recently said how his decision to leave WWE had inspired her, you can read more about that here.
You can check out Vickie Guerrero’s full interview on the It’s Our House Podcast below.

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